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Terminal and 'Process Completed' error System
If you try to launch the terminal app, and it opens a window but then says "Process Completed" and won't let you do anything, it's probably a problem with your tcsh (shell) file.

You can use the default shell by picking "Run Command" under the "Shell" menu, and typing
Once that starts, "cd /bin," and "ls tcsh." If the file length is zero, you have a problem.

If you want tcsh back, the only option appears to be reinstalling OS X. For some people (like me), this was trivial, and it simply repaired itself. Others lost all their settings and had to start from scratch.
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Re: terminal and process completed error
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 13, '00 11:24:16AM

There is a permanent way to apply Rob's suggestion to get the terminal working:

For the user that is just happy with /sh:
1) Go to Terminal Preferences
2) Scroll down to Shell
3) change /bin/tsch to /bin/sh

Each new window will now launch sh instead of tsch.

If you have to have tsch, there is a copy of it on the Developer CD. You'll need to copy it into a public folder first and then move it into /bin through the terminal as this folder is not visible. Don't forget to set the permissions!

As this exercise has demonstrated, it is an interesting hybrid of MacOS and Unix we have here. In most cases I think applications will provide a way to let us set our preferences within the GUI.


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Re: terminal and process completed error
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 13, '00 11:25:56AM

Sorry, that should say "MacOS X Install CD" not "Developer CD".

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But how does/can it happen?
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Nov 23, '00 08:05:03AM

Great tips, guys, but I have a question:

How can a file, owned by root and 755 in
my /bin directory, also owned by root and
755, get trashed?????

Now, that is really weird...

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But how does/can it happen?
Authored by: robg on Nov 23, '00 09:30:17AM

Yes, I think that definitely qualifies it as a
bug! I reported it to Apple when it
happened to me.

Especially odd is that nothing had
seemed to crash or otherwise go wrong
when it happened.


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But how does/can it happen?
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Nov 23, '00 04:04:06PM

Mmmm - me too, although I hadn't figured
out that there was a dead binary... I just
told them it was broken and then
reinstalled, which went fine.

I kinda wich that they would at least
acknowledge the feedback. I have this
horrible suspicion of it just being
feedback > /dev/null ;-)

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"Process Completed" strikes again!
Authored by: Chas on Dec 04, '01 08:18:17PM

I've just encountered this bug again, on my Powerbook G3/500 running 10.1.1. And the darn thing is, I've seen this bug before, and somehow I fixed it, but I can't remember how.
I tried the trick of running a command from the menu in, but that doesn't work for me, it did nothing, didn't run the command, just echoed it. I tried copying another copy of /bin/tcsh from a working system on another machine (as root of course) and now I don't get the "Process Completed" message, I get "[Process exited - exit code 1]" so it appears something is deeply hosed. Could just be a permission problems, now I've got to find a way to do chmod and chown from a GUI app.
I noted that when this bug appeared, at first when I launched Terminal, I got the welcome message, then I never got a prompt, it just hung while the CPU monitor went up to 100%. So I logged out, relogged in and then it started giving the Process Completed message.
So if any of these symptoms sound familiar, let me know. I've started manually backing up everything and it looks like I'm going to have to reformat and reinstall, but if there's a way to repair this without major disruption, I'd sure like to hear it. Darn it, I just got Fink and Gnome 1.4, PhP/MySql/Apache, and VPC all working optimally, and now I've got to erase the system do it all over again!

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Authored by: babbage on Dec 04, '01 11:05:58PM
You're definitely getting the same error that people were talking about a year ago? The file /bin/tcsh has a zero file length? On my system, the /bin directory has four *sh files: csh, sh, tcsh, zsh. All of them have the same time stamp, corresponding to the day I installed the OS. Are you seeing the same timestamp for each file (assuming you can get that far), or if not is tcsh newer perchance? If so, that might point to the date where things went wrong, and that in turn might help you piece together how the shell got hosed.

One method of low level desperation would be to login as ">console" at the login screen. If you're lucky this will try to log you in with whatever shell is available, if you can't set your preferred shell to one of whichever ones remain for you. Similarly, you might be able to get in via "single user mode" -- boot while holding down shift-S (I think, haven't had a reason to use it yet but I think that's right), and this should dump you in as root & hopefully running under /bin/sh.

If you can get to a prompt somehow, and you have some kind of /bin/tcsh file present, you need to analyze it a bit. Try running "file /bin/tcsh", which should tell you "/bin/tcsh: Mach-O executable ppc". If you get nothing, or something else, then the tcsh you installed isn't valid. Copying over a copy from the install disc seems like a good idea, but I've never been through this so...

Let us know more & we can keep trying to help...

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Terminal and 'Process Completed' error
Authored by: ptejad on Nov 26, '06 12:53:04PM

The problem is actually in your in ~/LibraryPreferences. Just trash that and your problems will go away (as will your preferences for Terminal). I never looked, but there is probably an entry in there that could be deleted and save the other prefs.

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How do I find Terminal window if it is not in the Doc or Utilities
Authored by: cinemass on Apr 20, '12 09:50:52PM

I lost the icon of Terminal Window in the Doc, and I need to do some Unix coding in order to start learning to use Unix; I looked for it in the Application and Utilities, but I can't find Terminal , what should I do, I am a new in the Mac, and need so help to guide me to find the Terminal?

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