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Nov 04, '00 08:26:02PM

Contributed by: robg

Welcome to the Mac OS X Hints site. Please see the About page for a bit of background on the site and its purpose.

Please post relevant tips only. There are other sites that do a much better job on other aspects of OS X, such as troubleshooting, discussion forums, and the latest applications (visit the "OS X Web Sites" link in the top bar section for a list). The only non-tips that will be published are "Help Me" requests, and those will be the exception to the norm.

I've posted a few of the more useful tips I've garnered during my use of the beta. Please feel free to add yours to the list, and help the community grow!

You can post hints without registering (registering gives you customization and editing options; see the About page if you're concerned about privacy), but you will have to register to post comments.

NOTE: Submitted articles go into a pending queue, which I will review and publish as often as possible during the day. As the site grows, additional volunteers will be sought to help speed the review and publish process.

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